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"On behalf of Boston University, I want to express my sincere gratitude for the extraordinary commitment, perseverance, and creativity you have demonstrated in your recent work for the University. More importantly, I want to compliment you on the tangible results of your work. You have strengthened our neighborhood, attracted first-rate investors and assisted us in retaining the important long-term control that institutions must have over the generations."

Joseph P. Mercurio
executive vice president
Boston University




"Frank Keefe's vision gave us the dramatic siting plan that has been so successful for the Tsongas Arena and related projects. His creativity drove the land acquisition and funding strategies that were key to making the project happen."

Peter Aucella
former executive director
Lowell Arena Commission



"Frank Keefe was instrumental in helping us keep the Foot Joy Shoe Company in Brockton. The plan he prepared for the City's 21st Century Corporation has become the foundation for the City's total revitalization effort, including the new minor league baseball stadium that opened this year, as well as the cornerstone for new downtown housing initiatives. His efforts helped consolidate business and the community, driving this momentum towards a new outlook on the potential for our City. Frank is a great friend of the City of Champions. He truly has been one of our Champions."

John T. Yunitz, Jr.
City of Brockton, Massachusetts




"Frank Keefe took the lead in finalizing the purchase agreement for the site of our new Law School and obtaining an expedient approval from the State so that we could proceed with demolition and construction. He was instrumental in the success of this important project."

David J. Sargent
Suffolk University



"The JMB Urban Development Team, led by Frank Keefe, completed a Feasibility/Site Strategy Study for Salem State College in early 1993. This Study has been the foundation for the $80M development of our new Central Campus. The Enterprise Center, a direct result of the Feasibility Study, is a successful business incubator nurturing fledgling businesses and acting as a powerful economic engine in Salem. ... Frank Keefe provided us with a creative balance of vision and practical advice which helped us make our vision a reality."

Dr. Nancy D. Harrington
Salem State College




"In the wake of the devastating fire at the Kerr Mill site in Fall River, Frank Keefe was hired to come up with a plan for the re-use of the site. The cornerstone of his comprehensive plan was the development of UMass Dartmouth's proposed Manufacturing Resource Center as the lynch pin to industrial revitalization at this important Fall River location. This also brought UMass to the City of Fall River. Construction is now complete and the benefits of this project grow with each and every day. Frank's long-term dedication to the revitalization of Fall River, starting with a Heritage Park back in the 70s, is greatly appreciated in Fall River."

Robert S. Karam
former chair
UMass Board of Trustees


"Frank Keefe was the driving force behind the completion of Community Teamwork's 28 classroom state-of-the-art Head Start facility on Phoenix Avenue."

Bill Lipchitz
Lowell Center City Committee



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