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McLean Hospital
Reuse Master Plan

Town Priorities

The reuse plan approved by Belmont voters met the town's priorities as outlined by the McLean Task Force:

Belmont Priority

McLean Plan
"Maximize undisturbed open space" 140 acres of public and private open space are protected. This represents 90% of current open space.
"Generate additional tax revenue"

Belmont town assessor estimates the plan will generate $3 million in gross revenue to fund schools and other needed services.

"Allow Belmont to secure land for a cemetery" Land for a new cemetery--the first in over 100 years--is part of the plan.
"Satisfy need for senior housing" A 480-unit senior community will provide an array of options for Belmont seniors.
Provide affordable housing 30 units of affordable housing are included in the senior community. Also, land will be given to the town to build 40 additional units.
"Minimize the traffic impact of development" The town's traffic consultant stated that surrounding roadways could accommodate an additional 800 peak hour trips. Due to significant decreases in the size of the plan, the development will generate only 380 peak hour trips. Also, $1 million will be made available to improve current and future traffic flow at affected intersections.

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